Israel Center for Excellence through Education

Dedication. Distinction. Devotion.

The source of the non-stop classroom excitement, drive toward independence and personal growth, and lifetime love of learning is our carefully selected faculty.

The sixty faculty members include experienced teachers and members of the Israeli academia; most holding either PhD or Masterís degrees in their fields.  They are active collaborators in establishing and delivering the philosophy of the Academy.

A close and personal relationship with the students, mentorship and ingenuity are key elements of the three-year experience.  The academic leadership team is distinguished by achievement and dedication and provides a model to inspire students and instill a desire for learning and accomplishment.







Etay Benovitch

Principal of the Israel Arts and Science Academy

Mr. Benovitch holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Life Science and Environmental Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has taught Biology and Biotechnology at IASA since 2004. Mr. Benovitch served as the Head of the IASA Science Department from 2009-2011, and became the principal in 2012.



Inbal Yakir
Vice Principal

Inbal Yakir holds a BA degree in Literature and an MA in Educational Policy and Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has taught and advised within the Israeli education system since 1993. Ms. Yakir joined the staff of IASA in 1996.