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Alumni of the Israel Arts and Science Academy
Exceeding Expectations

Our Mission Never Graduates

There are over 1000 graduates of the Academy, from more than 100 communities across Israel, who represent Leadership, Community Responsibility and Excellence.These three accomplishments stem from our  Academy’s philosophy and mission: to instill a life-long love of learning, and foster the dedication required to build a meaningful life of growth and community service.

Service to Community and Country

Many of our alumni continue their community service and spend their first year after graduation performing public service before beginning their obligatory army duties. While in the Israel Defense Forces, Academy graduates serve in every branch of the army, including elite academic, research, and combat units. 

Excelling in Higher Studies and Professions

Most of our graduates go on to university after completing military duty; over fifty of them already hold Doctorate Degrees.  High-tech industries and education are both occupations popular with the Academy’s alumni. 

We do more than boast about our graduates; we keep track of them. An in-depth survey of IASA graduates is conducted every three years.

In the most recent survey:

  • More than 92% of the alumni prior to 2000 have completed university studies following military service;
  • Over 25% already hold Doctorate Degrees;
  • More than half of our graduates hold Masters Degrees;
  • Many hold significant positions in Israel’s high-tech industries;
  • More than 97% of alumni indicated that their school experience had a positive impact on their lives.

We are proud of the caring adults our graduates have become. They are truly accomplishing our mission.

A comprehensive survey was completed in 2007 in which the following statistics were identified: IASA Alumni Statistics