Israel Center for Excellence through Education
The Lily and Avraham Gildor Project Week
Provided by a generous grant of the Gildor Foundation.

The Highlight of the Year: Gildor Project Week inspires students to live their imaginations!

Provided through the generosity and commitment to Israelís future, by a grant from the Gildor Foundation.

The first semester has ceased and the new one has yet to begin. There are no scheduled classes. Only community service is compulsory. Itís Gildor Project Week. Music students are noting new compositions; art students are after alternative media; science students are probing the practical world. Itís Gildor Project Week. Eminent experts are lecturing in the mornings; students are experimenting in the afternoons; evenings are devoted to theme nights.  Itís Gildor Project Week.  

How does Gildor Work?

Students choose a discipline for exploration (topics can be anything from the history of computer science to womenís roles in the Middle Ages to neuron manipulation).

Students choose to work  Students find faculty members to advise them and begin a process of independent learning, research, experimentation and discovery.

The creative and self-motivated learning atmosphere creates not only the most exciting week of the year, but also the most intensive period of independent learning.

Gildor Project Week culminates in the annual exhibit. Family and friends fill the campus, as students have the opportunity to showcase their creations and explain their research.