Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Exploration Camp

Every summer 100 eighth graders get to do what most of us can only dream about: take a look at what might just be around the corner. For nine days a window to IASA High School life opens, as the Schusterman Campus becomes the center of music, art and science for selected students nationwide. The result? Many participants continue on the Excellence path, and enroll as IASA high school students. IASA faculty teach the academic program of the camp, so the students can be sure they are getting a taste of the real thing.

Profile: Our Campers

Carefully selected from hundreds of applicants, participants represent diverse backgrounds; from big cities and small villages, from disadvantaged communities (often 60% of the camp population), secular and religious Jews, Arabs, immigrants and native-born Israelis.  For many participants, Exploration Camp is not only their first experience away from home, but their first encounter with other teenagers from very different backgrounds. Thatís why many camp counselors are IASA graduates who have been there and know how to encourage mutual respect and encourages friendships.

Student-Friendly Camp Schedule  

At the Exploration Camp mornings are about excellence for the young scientists, artists and musicians, each in their own tracks. Activities include interactive classes, and stimulating lectures. Besides a cool swim, afternoons are devoted to hot interdisciplinary workshops that may have a touch of philosophy, music appreciation or modern art. Off-campus, students visit parks and museums. Social activities are scheduled for evenings.

Exploration Camp 2011 - report