Israel Center for Excellence through Education
City-Wide Excellence

There is a new vibe in the city and it has excellence written all over it.

Clear-cut results mean municipalities are spreading the word about the benefits of E2K. The outcome?  More excellence.

The Center for Excellence has expanded its unique educational opportunities to all local schools. The City-wide Excellence program spent two years in a testing phase in a number of locations before it was offered to cities across the country. 

The amount of available funding determines whether more cities can join in our one-of-a-kind program. As demand is greater than funding, the current waiting list is up to 3 years

An Entire Educational E2K School Community

The core of the City-wide Excellence program is operation of E2K classes for students in every school that meets the criteria of strong academic ability and strong motivation to explore their greatest potential. By conducting in-service teacher training, the Center for Excellence introduces the curriculum and methodology for working effectively with highly capable pupils.

Outside-of-School Endeavors

The day-to-day world of science comes alive in outings to science research centers and industries. Field trips, student ventures, research projects. Together these activities add up to exhilarating experiences for young science adventurers and all city-wide E2K classes participate. The public is invited to create an environment of excellence in the community by applauding student ventures along with the involvement of students, parents, educators, and municipal leaders in a city-wide effort that builds a cohesive and unified population. Opening Ceremony of E2K City-Wide Program at Yokneam