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Gildor Family Projects and Inventions

Reaching for greater heights of creativity, scientific knowledge, and problem-solving skills, the Gildor Projects and Inventions Competition inspires talented middle school students from all over Israel – and now abroad – with a new challenge each year.

Provided by a generous and thoughtful grant from Catherine and Ephi Gildor.

The Gildor Family Projects and Inventions Competition meets the challenge of using creativity and knowledge to develop a unique scientific, technological project. This exceptional E2K program gives every participant an opportunity to become a young inventor. The competition is ideal for students who dream of finding an imaginative solution to environmental problems or registering a patent.

Problem-Based Learning – E2K Style

The Challenge: The students are given a daunting world problem. The challenge for the 2012/13 competition will be to "Design a 'Smart' System to Prevent Train/Vehicle Collisions”. The project will involve automated elements and electronic sensors.

On Your Marks: Participants begin with a general course on “How to Create a Science Project”. 

Get Set:
Students are free to adopt their own approaches or ask for guidance from the class teacher and outside professionals.

Go: Students collaborate with each other; build bridges with youngsters in their region and throughout the country, as well as with students abroad who have been invited to compete in this ingenious effort.

Young Inventor Honoree

Creativity. Design. Effort. Scientific Function. These are the four competing categories in E2K’s annual international contest, held on our Jerusalem campus. 

The final award ceremony has become a must-have yearly event for the participating students and their E2K teachers. The competition brings honor not only to the winners, but their schools and home communities.

The ongoing support and sponsorship of the Gildor family has enabled the Israel Center for Excellence through Education to dramatically upgrade the educational experience of both students and teachers in this progressive project.












   Gildor Projects and Inventions report - 2012