Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Virtual Learning Program

The Virtual Learning Program developed by the Center for Excellence creates an international scholastic community among E2K schools, teachers and students. Our live broadcast from NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas, is just one example of the exceptional tools virtual learning provides to the E2K community.

  • A unique international scholastic community has come of age; E2K schools, teachers and students worldwide connect through the Virtual Learning Center.
  • Renowned experts from around the world partner to promote a full exchange of ideas and discoveries
  • The latest technology means outstanding specialists are available to students and teachers
  • Some online lessons are actually challenging math and science competitions; generating enthusiasm, motivation, and pride.

Advances permeate the curriculum almost immediately.

Teachers access training and information easily; encouraging intensive professional interaction and better use of dedicated training hours.

Broadcasts are recorded for continued future use, or viewed on personal computers.

Teachers in the Virtual Learning Program go through intensive training offered by the Excellence Educators Institute. As part of this preparation, they gain online experience in orchestrating an on-screen classroom environment. The teachers learn to translate familiar classroom behavior–hand raising, responding to questions, submitting answers–into the language of virtual education.