Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Excellence 2000 (E2K)
A generous grant from the Edward D. & Anna Mitchell Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, enabled us to establish our first program: Mitchell Excellence 2000, which operates in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Education.
A generous grant from the Skirball Foundation, New York, NY allowed our expansion into elementary schools with Skirball E2K.

Excellence 2000 (E2K) is our largest and most comprehensive program, aimed at highly motivated and excelling students in Israel’s major cities, small towns, and remote communities. 

E2K engages fifth graders and up in innovative and fresh approaches to mathematics and science, encouraging them to reach their potential through exploring leadership roles, and extending their educational goals. The uniqueness of E2K lies in its contribution not only to its participants, but to the overall educational framework; teachers trained for the E2K program ultimately teach many class levels, not just E2K classes, benefiting all students.

Surpassing Standard Studies

In E2K classes students are introduced to state-of-the-art science, math and technology. These educationally enriching experiences prepare the next generation for greater independent study and facilitate learning scientific subjects through emphasis on logic, mathematical, and scientific thinking.  More than 300 schools around Israel currently operate E2K programs, with some 1,000 specially trained teachers instructing roughly 10,000 students.

Top Teachers

E2K teachers are chosen from among their local school faculty and are required to attend special training workshops presented by the Excellence Educators Institute, a division of the Center for Excellence.  These workshops present advanced and forward-thinking teaching techniques for educating outstanding students and the correct use of our in-house study units with regard to content and ongoing support. The program is closely guided by academic supervisors and undergoes interim and year-end evaluations. 

Why E2K?

The education system is designed to focus on the “average” student, leaving little to offer excelling and motivated students. E2K fills that gap and the result raises the bar for all of the other students.

How Does E2K Work?

  • The Tools: A comprehensive educational toolbox, was developed for teaching excelling and motivated students to fulfill their potential, including our unique curriculum, and cutting edge methodology
  • The Implementation: The Israel Center for Excellence through Education trains and guides local teachers to implement Excellence 2000 (E2K) in elementary, middle, and high schools. 
  • The Future: E2K serves as the foundation and as a spring board for advancement towards the all-embracing community-wide “Road to Excellence” national initiative. 

E2K students devote at least four hours each week to our exciting, hands-on enrichment classes. Participating students benefit because E2K:

  • Fosters ingenuity and leadership and promotes curiosity, individual thinking and exploration
  • Enhances an understanding of nature and the role of using research and experimentation to answer questions
  • Develops lifelong educational skills
  • Strengthens ties between children, their teachers, schools and communities
  • Prepares students for the challenges of technology and complexity in the world
  • Opens opportunities for children of all economic and cultural backgrounds, especially those from disadvantaged homes and communities