Israel Center for Excellence through Education
E2K Enrichment Seminars

Behind every excellent teacher is an excellent training institute.

Specializing in training teachers in the field of excellence in education, the Institute has developed more than 25 different E2K training tracks spanning elementary through high school levels in the areas of experimental science and mathematical thinking. The programs help teachers translate the joy of discovery to their students. By engaging in the experiments and challenges of exploration themselves, they learn how to transfer that enthusiasm.

  • This 21st Century creative approach to learning is the largest teacher-training institute for excellence in Israel.
  • Thousands of teachers from throughout Israel and abroad have participated in the dynamic, animated sessions.
  • National workshops last three to five days each and take place during the summer at the ICEE, using its advanced facilities.
  • Targeted workshops are geared to teachers’ experience, student age group and interest level.  Two dozen “tracks” permit exceptional specialization.
  • Additional training workshops are presented throughout the school year on a regional basis in Israel, assisting, advancing and professionally supporting E2K teachers.
  • Sessions focus on the essential concept of E2K and specific techniques that can be used by the teachers both in their E2K classes and their regular classrooms. 

 Lecture Less; Learn More

The advanced teaching approach encourages a commitment to depend less on lecturing and more on promoting curiosity-driven and independent thinking.  Participation in the training program requires a serious long-term commitment, but returns to teachers a connection to what motivated them to teach in the first place.

Building an International Learning Community

The opportunity to exchange ideas and suggestions among the participants in Israel and abroad is a valuable part of each workshop.  Learning from each other raises the teachers' level of motivation which benefits their students.  Excellence Educators Institute workshops are accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education.