Israel Center for Excellence through Education

 Exporting Excellence

Bright and motivated students worldwide are linked by Excellence and the Center for Excellence is on a mission to strengthen that connection. Enter Excellence 2000 International.

After more than a decade of experiencing success as enrichment program providers to students from elementary school through high school in Israel, we looked beyond our borders and began adapting the E2K program to overseas students.

Spread the Excellence

To establish E2K in other countries, the existing study units were translated from Hebrew into English. To date, more than forty units have been translated. A special training program was developed to prepare appropriate educational institutions to serve as hubs for new regional programs, which is the role played by the Israel Center for Excellence through Education in Israel. This training includes an intensive workshop for those who will serve as the central administration for the program and for the science and math teachers who will train the local teachers to use the material.

Following the workshop, the Center for Excellence continues to advise the new hub institutions. The Center for Excellence offers ongoing teacher training on new material, as translated units become available.