Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Curriculum Development
Changing the Culture of the Education System

The EEI professionally develops curriculum was as an attractive, challenging, and fashionable study program for today’s students. The study topics in mathematical thinking and the experimental sciences are carefully balanced between theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.  

  • Materials are relevant to the students’ lives, stimulate curiosity and increase motivation to study a phenomenon and its causes.
  • Provide learning skills in science and mathematics.
  • Each unit includes three elements: stimulus, experiment and application.
  • The instructional methodology encourages student involvement and reduces teacher lecturing.
  • Experiments are easily accomplished in any school laboratory.

Elevating education to excellence means creating a dynamic, innovative and inspiring learning environment. The EEI produces highly interactive and stimulating educational materials that nurture and stimulate examination and growth.

Ongoing supervision and oversight promote continuity and quality assurance.

  • All lesson plans encourage students to follow their curiosity and promote exploration while minimizing teacher lectures.  Subjects may be cucciculum-based or enrichment; however, all experiments are designed to be easily accomplished in any school laboratory.
  • The curriculum is age-appropriate; designed for the elementary, middle school, or high school students.
  • Rigorous standards are followed for the development of new curriculum units.
  • All curricula are created in Hebrew and translated into English as the demand accelerates for this innovative approach.
  • Each unit is designed to create excitement and spark a desire for exploration among the students.