Israel Center for Excellence through Education

EEIís curriculum based programs strengthen teaching processes, while developing independent learning and thinking in the regular class, for both science and math.

The models developed and successfully applied for the teaching of outstanding students have also been adapted for use in the regular class. Here too, the concepts underlying the development of study materials and staff training strengthen independent study skills and higher order thinking, combined with increased student motivation.

In addition to the general goals:

         Science teacher training seminars include practical and pedagogical training for managing a classroom in which students perform experiments, with an emphasis on guiding the students to design their own experiments, record and present their results, analyze, draw conclusions and seek explanations.

         Math teacher training seminars emphasize both pedagogy that fosters a research approach, and IT Ė substantial use of math applets and of lessons developed at the Excellence Educators Institute. The uniqueness of the applets lies in the fact that they help teach topics in a way that facilitates their clear understanding and application. They also enable teachers to build and save their own lessons for use in the classroom. During the seminars, participants are introduced to a variety of applets and practice using them both in ready-made lessons and for creating their own. 


Underlying these concepts is the desire to help every teacher present and teach the study material in a manner that combines experience, inventiveness and creativity, visuals and interactivity, with meaningful learning.

Intensive curriculum-based training seminars of 2-4 days are held in Israel and in host countries annually.