Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Board of Directors
  In Israel:                

                    President and Founder:  Robert H. Asher, Chicago, IL

                    Board Members:

                    Shlomit Amichai (Chairperson)

                    Mary Jane Asher

                    Moshe Arad

                    David Gappel

                    David Harman

                    Arnon Mantver

                    Eran Shir

                    Prof. Zeev Tadmor

In the United States:

                    Robert H. Asher (Chairman), Chicago, IL

                    Daniel B. Asher, Chicago, IL

                    Mary Jane Asher, Chicago, IL

                    Alan S. Englander, Greenwich, CT

                    Ephi Gildor, Aspen, CO

                    Eugene M. Grant, Mamaroneck, NY

                    Marcie H. Hemmelstein, Chicago, IL

                    Arlene Kaufman, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

                    Jonathan Mitchell, West Hollywood, CA