Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Young Detectives Club
E2K and the Israel Police join Forces

Funded by the generosity and commitment of a member of the Jewish Funders Network.

It takes an extraordinary student to dive into the world of forensic science and contribute to police work. It takes a young detective.

Since 2006, The Israel Center for Excellence through Education has joined forces with the Israel Police, Civil Guard Department, and Microsoft Israel to create one of the most engaging, challenging, and fulfilling programs offered to students in Israel. Along with their studies in subjects such as encryption, forensic science, electronic data protection, and motion (physics of collision), the young detectives break out of the set curriculum and gain hands-on experience in police forensic labs, working on real-life cases alongside the Israel Police. Forensic science is a field that not only stands on the forefront of science and cutting edge technology, but also bears incredible responsibility by assisting the Israel Police and the legal system in the pursuit of justice.


Microsoft Israel also opens its doors to the young detectives, guiding them in the world of electronic data protection and exposing them to its unique research and development center.

A highly sought “upgrade” to the Excellence 2000 Program, membership is awarded on a competitive basis to schools and to 7th thru 9th grade students who have exhibited exceptionally high motivation, outstanding achievement and excellent academic skills.  The Club requires youngsters to commit to an additional 2 hours each week, beyond the 4 weekly hours of the E2K Program. The program links crime solving with the practical applications of biology, physics, chemistry, and computer science.


Study in Class; Experience in the Real World


Students see the police and authority in a new way; the lasting bond that they build with the police radiates out to the community and creates a more positive atmosphere.

Students make actual and significant contributions to police science by researching a specific project and providing information to the police.

Youngsters are encouraged to consider careers in high technology, science, and related fields.