Israel Center for Excellence through Education

National Recognition

“… I see a great deal of importance in the Excellence Program, and was extremely pleased to see the results of the students’ core exams.I hope that the program will continue to progress in the future for the benefit of the students and the education system.” 
 - Limor Livnat, Minister of Education for Israel, (Translated from Hebrew,2006)

International Acclaim

“… through the Excellence 2000 Program, Israel and the Center for Excellence through Education are already reaching more than 2000 American students, and are providing interactive lessons in math and science, on the web… you are not only helping students learn, you’re strengthening international relations and maybe even leading to the cure for cancer."
 - Margaret Spellings, United States Secretary of Education (2009)

Principals' Praise

"Since joining the program, many great things have happened at our school. For example: The teachers have absorbed the idea of personal excellence - meeting deadlines and staying on schedule. The students in the program have become models to be imitated – placing emphasis on personal behavior and contribution to the community…The program is also making its way into the homes, the students sharing with their parents…"
 - Zohar Leah, Principal of Jerusalem School, Kiryat Ata

"The Excellence 2000(E2K) Program has added light to the lives of our students…other students are working to improve their studies in order to join the E2K class. E2K has also served as a trigger to upgrade the teaching styles of all the teachers who are exposed to the program."
 - Yael Katz, Principal of Givat Tal School, Kiryat Ata

Empowered Teachers

 "One of the best workshops I have attended so far."
 - TAN SW, Raffles Girls Primary School, Singapore

“The level of the materials and professionalism of your staff is amazing! The presentations are clear and well presented.  I always look forward to the upcoming training seminars.” 
Michele Saks, SAR, New York


“These kinds of tools are the most important to give E2K teachers; not just what materials to teach, but how to teach it.”
 - Channah Dresner, E2K Science Teacher, Nativ Zvulun School, Modiin

Student Excitement

"I enjoy the intensity that we try to solve a task and in the end we find a quick and simple solution.  I learn different techniques that make it easier for me in the regular classes."
 - Amit, Jerusalem

"During E2K classes we get a few critical thinking tasks, and sometimes even have a competition. After all the students have come up with solutions to the challenges, we discuss each task as a class, with the help of our teacher. The tasks help us learn new materials and understand the solution to the riddle. The content of the classes is interesting and not like any other class."
 - Ofek, Tel Aviv

"In my opinion, it is very fun in Excellence 2000. We try to solve riddles and build things, but in the end we always discover new ways of doing it. It's fun to discover new and interesting things - and also to try the same activities on my parents at home to see how smart they are. It's fun to be with a group of friends. We have competitions and games, and it's never boring."
 - Gloria, Maalot

Proud Parents

"Our daughter began the class – and brought the whole family along with her!  Each week she brings us new and interesting thinking exercises and science riddles. .  Our daughter goes to her E2K class of her own choosing and with a high level of curiosity.  Thank you to the staff of E2K for the amazing experience."   
 - Parents of Yael, Haifa

"Each week, Yoav comes home with stories to tell from his experiences in the Excellence 2000 class.  Each week there is a new discovery.  Our whole family sits together every week to 'crack our heads' with the new riddle. ."
 - Ilana, mother of Yoav, Kiryat Ata