Israel Center for Excellence through Education
Ilan Ramon Space Team Program
Reaching for the Stars

"Out of this World" Science

A one-of-a-kind opportunity for 7th thru 9th grade students throughout Israel the Space Team program nurtures curiosity and inspires students on to new frontiers.

The Space Team Program rewards students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in the E2K program with an up-close look at astronomy and astrophysics through experiments, competitions, riddles, interactive lessons, development of new technological models, and robust discussion. 


The study of space is inherently multi-disciplinary, exposing students to physics, astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, chemistry and technology. The extra two hours a week-in addition to the regular 4 hour E2K program - instills excitement and curiosity about space in the whole school. Members of the Team delve into everything from asteroids to auroras as well as enjoy live Q&A sessions with astronauts and astronomers. But the excitement in the classroom is often eclipsed by the E2K field trips. Students are shuttled to planetariums, observatories, and research centers.


Skilled Supervision

The Space Team Program was created by the Israel Center for Excellence through Education in cooperation with the Asher Institute for Space Research and is enriched by the assistance of the Technion students from the Asher Institute for Space Research. Teachers selected to instruct and guide the Teams receive special training from the Center for Excellence. Special Space Laboratories have been created for the program and are currently operating in 11 schools. The program began in 2005 and is continuously expanding; more laboratories will be established at additional Space Team Program sites based on outstanding teacher and student performance.


 NASA Astronaut, Colonel Bill McArthur, visits with Arnon Ikan (Director General of the Center for Excellence), Debbie Efraim (Director of Foreign Relations) and Liz Feldstern (Foreign Relations Coordinator).